The Dhyana Baby Ring Sling


We are so excited to launch this new product. Handmade in Colorado and Hand printed in Salt Lake City not only does this sling bring you and your baby closer in a natural and endearing way, you are supporting small business and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation at the same time. 

So why sling your baby? Baby wearing has been a preferred method of child carrying by women (and men) of many cultures going back thousands of years. It has numerous benefits for both you and your baby. These include promoting improved physical and mental development, increased health, feelings of security and comfort, as well as convenience. Slinging your new addition is also fun and economical. This article from The Natural Child Project dives deeper into detail about the benefits of wearing your newborn child.

  Image 1: Image 2: Welsh mama wearing her baby circa 1905, courtesy of MuseumWales. Image 3: Inuit woman with baby circa 1906, courtesy Library of Congress. Image 4;

Image 1: Image 2: Welsh mama wearing her baby circa 1905, courtesy of MuseumWales. Image 3: Inuit woman with baby circa 1906, courtesy Library of Congress. Image 4;

RESOLUTE's sole mission, the reason we were created, is to support Operation Underground Railroad and their mission to end child sex trafficking. The benefits of baby wearing, both physical and emotional, are a driving motivation behind producing and offering the Dhyana Baby Ring Sling. Children who are foundationally more secure and that have formed deep bonds with their parents are more likely to have deeper relationships with those parents in adolescence. This is vital in setting a foundation for a family that is working together and in preventing teen age runaways. Teenage runaways are much more likely to end up in a trafficked situation. 

This doesn't mean that wearing your baby will prevent future challenges, but as parents, we want to empower people to have the choice to take proactive steps when they can. We hope you find this sling to be well made, and helpful in the early stages of raising your young children. And we hope that your choices grow the ripple of natural child rearing for future generations as well. 

We always have a choice. Thank you for choosing to come here and check out the new Dhyana Baby Ring Sling. If you are ready to purchase one you can save $10 through Sept 10th by using promo code YOU2017

Run to Break the Chain

The global problem of sex trafficking, human trafficking and child sex trafficking is one that seems almost larger than anything we can tackle. A $150 billion industry that effects 2 million children globally. Can you imagine the scale of those numbers? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the Super Bowl, 100,000 fans in a stadium cheering and rooting for their team. Now imagine that all this cheering faces filled with passion are children. Passionless, hopeless children being traded and sold for sexual favors. 

Ready to throw up yet? 


Now imagine that there are 20 of those stadiums in a line. Thats 2 million children, some as young as 3 and 4 years old. It is unacceptable. Period. Add to that atrocity that the US is the largest consumer of child pornography and child sex tourism and it becomes evident that this is not 'their problem'. It is ours. 

We operate from the place that there are two conditions in life: to accept things as they are, or to accept responsibility for changing them. What will you do noW that you know this is a happening? Will you choose to accept it as it is, or will you choose to make a difference? Because it is a choice. 

There are numerous ways to support the efforts to end sex trafficking. One way is to support RESOLUTE: and another is to join us in the Run to Break the Chain, a 5k run / 3k walk being held in Colorado Springs on August 19. You don't live in Colorado Springs, you say? That's ok!! We have a virtual race option. What's that, you ask? You can register at by yourself or with a group of friends and run or walk wherever you choose. Around the block? Check! On the treadmill? Sure! Up and down the stairs? Why not! All funds from the Run to Break the Chain will go to support the efforts of our benefactor Operation Underground Railroad and local aftercare providers Restore Innocence

We hope you can see a reason to join us on August 19 wherever you may be and we'd love to see you post up a pic with hashtag #runtobreakthechain on your social media accounts. 

The time for change is now; the choice to start is yours.

March PreSale

We are super excited to be able to announce that we will begin Pre Sale orders for our first run of Exclusive, Essential Oil Inspired and doTERRA Approved, Men's and Women's designs. Pre Sale will begin March 12th. 

Printed in Las Vegas on super soft Trip-Blend tees we are excited to begin our journey in filling a gap in quality Essential Oil inspired men's designs.

We hope you find Purpose in supporting us an our mission to assist in the fight to end sex trafficking. Proceeds from all apparel sold, after manufacturing and shipping, will go directly to this cause. We will do this by continuing to support the efforts of Operation Underground Railroad. Each month, beginning in May, we will release a new design on the 2nd day of the month, to remind us that there are 2 Million Children involved in the sex trade currently. 

All Items will begin shipping Mid April.

Remember: If you have a design you would like to see on a shirt, brought to life and from paper to cotton, shoot us an email at and let's chat!

OUR Menswear-03.png


There is an interesting theme that runs throughout the lives of those of us who are responsible for RESOLUTE: Choices Have Impact. Everything we do creates a ripple; each choice we make impacts others in ways potentially large and small. With that understanding in mind RESOLUTE: has been very conscious of our decisions in partnering with the right apparel vendor. We are happy to announce that our future designs for tees and sewn goods will be provided by BELLA + CANVAS. We chose BELLA + CANVAS over many other quality providers because of their WRAP Platinum Certification.

WRAP, or Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, is an organization dedicated to ensuring that manufacturing facilities are run in a manner that people are treated with dignity and respect, among other things. RESOLUTE: exists and was born from a desire to support Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to end child sex trafficking. It seemed only reasonable that our decisions in vendors be of the highest integrity.

WRAP operates in various countries around the world using it's 12 Principles as a metric to measure and certify it's approved facilities:

1. Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations
2. Prohibition of Forced Labor
3.Prohibition of Child Labor
4. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
5. Compensation and Benefits
6. Hours of Work
7. Prohibition of Discrimination
8. Health and Safety
9. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
10. Environment
11. Customs Compliance
12. Security

Many of these metrics are basic human rights that you and I take for granted. In many parts of the world they are not as common however as we would like to believe. Without organizations like WRAP and vendors like BELLA + CANVAS that operate in developing nations millions of people suffer from having these basic rights go unprotected. We believe that you have a choice when you get dressed each day, and we hope you choose to make a statement with your apparel. And we want you to know that your choices are having a positive impact beyond the mission of O.U.R. and RESOLUTE: