RESOLUTE: Purpose Driven Apparel is Coming Soon. The brain child of a tee shirt collector, designer, serial entrepreneur and educator, RESOLUTE: was born of the realization that we all have choices. One of those choices is in what to wear, and the opportunity to say something when we wear it. After learning about Operation Underground Railroad and the depth of the child sex trafficking problem that we face globally we knew we had to do something. But what? Then it clicked. We can use our love of tee shirts and design and positivity to reach out to people who want to educate and empower others to do the same. We have the chance when we wear a statement tee to spark conversation and to educate others about things important to us. It could be the movies we like, bands, clubs or it could be about things that shift humanity. We hope that with all the choices out there you choose to occassionaly do the latter. And we hope to bring designs that are fun and fashionable, while being purpose driven.

We are a for profit apparel company that gives 100% of our profits to organizations that are driving real change. Because we have other 'real jobs' none of the owners take a salary from this project and our intent is to be fully transparent with our finances via quarterly reports that will be posted here. While we are new to this project, we are not new to business, customer service or apparel. We hope that you find that we will do things heart forward always, and that we will strive to put people above profit. 

Our mission right now is to fine tune the designs, source the appropriate materials and to refine our processes so that when we launch products in early 2017 you can rest assured that we are looking at each step of the process and making good choices. Thank You for stopping in, and we look forward to doing business with you.